Anonymous said: Your blog is perfect and you're really pretty too <3

thank you!!

fascinaete said: I love your blog ♡

thank you! :)

yasminann06 said: You are beautiful :)

Thank you so much!

beatrock said: Hey nice blog you got here. Black and white rules :)

hey thanks! :)

pinkhipsterlife said: Don't listen to anons that feel confident tearing people down. They're just cowards behind computer screens.

thank you lovely! you are awesome :)

Anonymous said: Are you in any model agency? You're very pretty and i love your blog. xx

no i’m not…i’m too short :( and according to an anon who messaged me a few weeks ago, i’m not thin enough.  but thank you so much! you are sweet <3

vintagenine said: Your tumblr is amazing.


kathrynnellenn said: i absolutely love your blog!!!!!

thank you :)

uptown-and-upsidedown said: Not really a question, but your blog is beautiful! Just saying, it's perfection.

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hadassahfaaita said: prefection !

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young-and-gorgeous said: gorgeous blog. xo

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Anonymous said: your really pretty

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emilymckinnon said: you're so pretty!xo

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lensblrphotography-deactivated2 said: okay i just stumbled onto your blog and can i just say that you are absolutely gorgeous and your blog is perfection :) have a nice day!

Wow thank you lovely :)